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There are occasions when the world is given the gift of a truly caring & giving soul.

He Blew Her a Kiss: Signs From Our Loved Ones

He Blew Her a Kiss is all about signs from loved ones we have lost,  and inspiring stories of after death communications.

Tom and Judy

Tom and Judy actually met in the 7th grade. He was so smitten…and their love story is one that is eternal, and inspired us to write our books and create our site. We collect stories of after death communications and signs from loved ones who have been lost from all over the world.

Stories From Our Readers

We receive stories from all over the world. And, statistically, a great number of people in the US will experience an after death communication. Read more about some of the signs from loved ones our readers have experienced.

“Many books have been written about after-death communications. The “He Blew Her a Kiss” series is among the very finest. They’ll touch your soul in a unique way that will leave you feeling peaceful and excited at the same time.”

Judy and Bill Guggenheim, Authors of Hello From Heaven!

Share Your Story

Our readers are an endless source of inspiration to us, and share after death communication stories filled with love and hope! Share your story to inspire others.

“Compelling…A source of healing comfort….A great way to strengthen your inner life. He Blew Her a Kiss, Vol. 2 is hope from start to finish. It will expand your awareness of the mystery of life.”

Louis E. LaGrand, Ph.D., Author of Healing Grief, Finding Peace: 101 Ways to Cope with the Death of Your Loved One

AFter Death COmmunication - Light Ray Over the Lake

The Light Ray Over the Lake

An amazing story of an incredible sign…

Rainbows & Joy

Rainbows are an awesome symbol of the hope and joy that comes after the storm has passed…

Our Books of hope filled after death communication stories are available on Amazon!

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Tom and Judy gave us  our first inspiration…and we get even more from you! Our readers have submitted stories from all over the world!

After Death COmmunication Feathers

Have You Seen a Feather?

Feathers are a fairly common ADC, which doesn’t make them any less amazing or welcome!

Butterflies are a common after death communication sign, symbolizing transformation, love, and new beginnings.


Is there a more fitting sign for a loved one to send than  a butterfly?