Submitted by Pam Boswell
July 2010

winter_window_artOne cold winter evening in 1998, Pam was snug and secure in her living room engaged in a labor of love. Her husband happened to be out of town but she didn’t mind. She welcomed the occasional solitude because those times allowed her to indulge in activities that relaxed her. This particular evening her project was a baby dress she was smocking for her granddaughter.

As the television droned in the background her hands performed their task skillfully, almost without thought. Sitting in her favorite chair she felt a sudden brush of air across her face and instantly the scent of her paternal grandmother filled the room. She stopped and playfully exclaimed, “Grandma, is that you? I bet you came to see what I’m making!” Hunny, Pam’s nickname given by her family, knew her grandma was right there with her watching with pride. Grandma, being a seamstress, had played a huge role in teaching Hunny to sew at an early age. Her presence and scent was a familiar and overwhelming comfort. As Hunny continued smocking, her mind reminisced on many evenings spent with her grandma.

Later, Hunny retired to bed at her usual time. Nestling her head into the pillow she replayed the amazing encounter with her grandma. It had been such a wonderful comfort just having her near again. Before Hunny could even finish her thoughts it happened again. She felt her grandma’s presence close to her pillow and again that familiar scent. Hunny instinctively knew Grandma was kneeling at the head of the bed saying a prayer on behalf of her granddaughter.

As a young girl Hunny had overheard Grandma praying for her children and grandchildren for what seemed like hours each night. Even the arthritis that wreaked havoc on her knees couldn’t prevent her from kneeling in reverence and lifting her loved ones to God in prayer. Grandma was a true prayer warrior and Hunny knew in her heart she was still interceding on her behalf. This day would be one to cherish for a lifetime.
Grandma obviously still loved Christmas time because only a few days later she came to visit again. This time Hunny was busy in the kitchen baking Christmas goodies and could smell Grandma over the scents of cookies and candies baking. She missed her so much and felt like Grandma wanted to be a part of this special day. Conversation seemed only natural. It did occur to Hunny that if anyone walked in while she was having these conversations they would surely think she had lost her mind. She chuckled to herself thinking how it must look but she didn’t really care. She would be forever grateful for the comfort and blessing she received from those visits. Sometimes she thinks Grandma has never left. Maybe she hasn’t!