There are many people we will meet during our lifetime. These acquaintances are not by accident. Each one has a particular purpose for crossing our path. However, truth be told, we can consider ourselves fortunate to count our true friends on one hand. These are the friends that you can turn to for any reason. They are there for you always in a spirit of love and without judgment, in good times and in the difficult times.

Linda was eleven years old when Holly met her. They became instant friends and often had sleepovers. In fact, Holly considered Linda’s house to be her home away from home. Growing up they developed a bond that would continue into their adult lives and prove to be the instrument through which Linda would draw upon for comfort after a devastating tragedy.

After many years of friendship the girls knew each other like the back of their hands. Together they shared secrets, as well as tears of joy and tears of sadness. Holly even dated one of Linda’s brothers when she got older. She was quite comfortable with the relationship she had formed with Linda’s family and genuinely cared for each and every member. It was because of this bond that Holly felt equally as devastated when Linda’s brother, Jarod, committed suicide. Although he was not the brother she dated, Holly had still been close to him.

Suicide can be especially troubling for family members. Over and over they question how their loved one could have done that. How could they have prevented it and why didn’t they recognize the signs? A great amount of guilt often accompanies an already painful loss. What must be realized is that our loved one makes the choice to leave their troubled existence behind regardless of attempts by others to help. Sadly enough they believe suicide to be the only way out.

Another question that relentlessly bombards us is,” Where is my loved one now and are they ok?” Sometimes people will seek out these answers through the aid of someone that can communicate with the other side. Linda was very concerned about her brother’s passing and was afraid he may be suffering. She knew that Holly had been studying how to connect with souls who had crossed over, so after many failed attempts of her own she approached Holly and asked her if she would try to connect with Jarod.

Holly, knowing how close she was to Linda and her entire family, was concerned about whether any information received would truly be from Jarod and not from her own personal knowledge. Anxious to help her best friend she decided to test the situation. As Holly attempted to connect with Jarod she began receiving messages. He told her that he was happy and that although he still felt some of the emotional pain he had felt here on earth, he was being helped through that and was in no danger. He also said that he was at peace except for the fact that he was worried about Linda and the fears she faced.

Holly then asked Jarod to confirm it was indeed him by revealing something that she had no way of knowing. A vision began to come to her. She could see a Barbie doll hanging from a tree. From her own knowledge she recognized it as the tree from Linda’s front yard. The Barbie doll had a blue jumpsuit on and appeared quite mangled. She then saw a young girl approximately eight or nine screaming and crying. Then the vision was over.

When Holly shared this vision with Linda her friend began to weep. Linda explained that yes it was her and the Barbie doll in the tree was actually her Bionic Woman doll. Her brother would often torment her when they were kids, as so many brothers do, by disfiguring the doll and hanging it in the tree where she couldn’t reach it.

Holly had received the validation she had asked for. Linda was so incredibly happy at being able to confirm that her brother was okay and found great comfort in the fact that he was no longer suffering. The peace of having that knowledge helped her considerably in moving forward with her life. A burden she had carried for two years had finally been lifted. Holly too benefitted from her connection with Jarod and was thankful for being able to bring solace to her friend at a time when she needed it most.


Submitted by Holly Hall
January 2011