Submitted by Stephanie Buck
October 2009

nightliteDean smiled as she handed the little bundle of joy up to her mother, Juanita. She gazed with love at her first granddaughter and the bond was formed. Tina grew and soon had a little sister, Stephanie. Juanita, or “MaMa”, as she was lovingly called, adored all her grandchildren but there was always an extra special place in her heart for Tina. Over the years their relationship strengthened maybe in part because they were so much alike. There was nothing Tina wouldn’t do for “MaMa” and vice-versa. Their grandmother was very loving and outgoing but crossing her was never a good idea. She still believed in strict discipline with her family.

Time passed and the grandchildren became adults, each one busy with their own lives. Nevertheless, they continued to maintain a close relationship with “MaMa”. It wasn’t until Tina was almost forty that her grandmother passed. She was such an outgoing and loveable character that it was quite a loss to everyone.

Not long after that, Tina put a nightlight in her room. She began talking to “MaMa” as she had done so many times before when suddenly her nightlight began to flicker. Every time she would talk to her or think about “MaMa” the light would flicker. Tina wasn’t worried for she knew in her heart that her beloved “MaMa” was communicating back. Whenever Tina, her sister Stephanie, or their mother, Dean, walk into Tina’s room they will call out, “MaMa, are you here?” and the light will always flicker on and off reassuring them of her presence.

Tina’s light began this flickering shortly after Juanita’s passing in 1994 and continues to this day. Amazingly, the bulb in that simple nightlight has never gone out, just like the bond they share has never wavered.