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As many of you can relate, being a pet owner carries great responsibility, with both challenges and surprises. However, the payoff of companionship and unconditional love outweighs almost any sacrifices made along the way. Angie and her husband, Chuck, had the privilege of being “parents” to two sweet little Rat Terriers, Patches and Tana, for many years. Each had their own personality totally different from the other. And just as children have their moments, their “kids” had theirs, causing them to jokingly adopt the term “Rat Terrorists” when referring to the pair.

After fourteen years as a happy little “family,” Angie and Chuck faced a terrible void. Their two four-legged children passed away about a year apart. It was with great sadness they had to say goodbye to such loyal companions.

For some time, trying to replace Patches and Tana was the last thing on their minds. The couple also knew that having a pet oftentimes makes planning trips more difficult. So they decided it best to wait. After experiencing a year of no responsibility, so to speak, Angie had a moment of weakness and asked Chuck if they could look at adopting a dog.

Angie, having such an affinity for helping others, wanted to rescue an orphan that needed a good home rather than seeking out a breeder. Chuck, being such a soft hearted individual, agreed so they went to a nearby kennel to check out what was available. They weren’t looking to acquire another terrier nor did they have any particular type dog in mind. She just wanted to see what spoke to her.

When they got to the kennel the lady showed them several large breeds. The couple was a little concerned about having a big dog since they planned to allow it inside. A week earlier a Jack Russell female mix was brought in. She had been roaming a nearby supermarket for about 3 weeks starving. The lady said she was skin and bones when she finally allowed herself to be caught. She was no spring chicken and appeared to be at least 8, if not older.

At first Angie wasn’t that interested, but as the lady shared with her how difficult it was to find homes for older dogs the couple turned their attention towards the terrier. As Angie walked up to her cage she suddenly noticed the name hanging on the door. It said “Nona.” Angie’s heart almost stopped. Chill bumps popped up and her eyes involuntarily began to fill with tears. She quickly called her husband over to show him.

Although there are many, many pets waiting to be adopted Angie had faith that one would speak to her heart. There was the sign she had hoped to receive. Her mom who passed away in 1995 from cancer was called “Nona” by her grandchildren. This couldn’t have been a coincidence. Angie looked up and said thank you, immediately knowing that her mother was sending her this little angel. She felt an unmistakable reassurance that Nona would be the perfect fit for their little family.