About the Authors

He Blew Her a Kiss; After Death Communication from Loved Ones Who Have Passed

Angie Pechak Printup and Kelley Stewart Dollar, being lifelong friends of thirty-five years, have teamed up to compile stories intended to help others heal after losing a loved one. This idea originated from an amazing story that happened to a friend named Tom, after his wife and soul mate of forty-two years past away from cancer in 2008. The first story in this book portrays their amazing love affair.

Angie has an extensive background in health and fitness, earning a master’s degree at the University of Memphis in 1991. She has been teaching CPR and first aid for more than twenty years and was a volunteer EMT for five years.

Kelley has twenty-five years of experience in printing and graphic arts. She has always enjoyed creative writing and has written poetry for thirty years. Because of her ability to empathize with people, she is able to capture the essence of their emotions and experiences in each story.

Because they were best friends, it was only natural for them to work together, and combining their talents has allowed them to bring this wonderful book to you.  Angie also does appearances and speaking engagements in the Memphis, TN area.  Just email angie@heblewherakiss.com for scheduling.

He Blew Her a Kiss: Volume 2, True Stories of After-Death Communication, Affirming Love Shared is Eternal

Tom and Judy gave us  our first inspiration…and we get even more from you! Our readers have submitted stories from all over the world!

“An amazing, heartfelt collection of experiences that will provide you with a new perspective on life after death, and fill you with the peace, comfort and hope you are longing for from your loss.”

“Very inspiring book filled with stories of the many ways our loved ones who have crossed over can and absolutely do connect with us.”


Guy Dusseault

“As the chapter leader of a parental bereavement support group, I find the messages of the He Blew Her a Kiss books to be a tremendous source of hope and comfort for parents searching for peace and purpose in their new lives without their beloved children.”

Betsy Friedl, The Compassionate Friends ~ Memphis Chapter

“HEARTWARMING AND BRILLIANT. . . . .Angie and Kelley take us on a compelling journey that no other book on afterlife communication can match. This book is truly helpful to all who read it…that death is not the end!”