spirit-orb-with-son-and-rainbowWe lost our son, Pete, 15 months ago at the age of 33. Since then we have received many wonderful signs. When I was sorting out some of his belongings I heard him call me as clear as anything! No one was in the house. The night after he died I was lying in bed and every time I opened my eyes, I could see his face. It was surrounded by white light. When I would close my eyes he was gone. This happened about 10 times.

My husband felt Pete touch his hand really firmly one night while he was in bed one.

One day we took a picture of Pete’s son, Lenny, climbing a tree overlooking where his dad’s ashes are buried. When we printed the photo an amazing orb was in the photo with our grandson. When we showed it to him he looked at it and said, “Daddy.” I said, “What do you mean, Lenny?” He said, “Daddy made that rainbow circle around me when he was watching me climb the tree.”

Another time during a Holiday we visited Buckfast Abbey which is the home of a Community of Roman Catholic Benedictine monks in Devon, England. We had just lit a candle for Pete and I was in tears walking around the gardens and grounds looked after by the monks. I suddenly looked down and saw a perfect heart in the lichen in the path where I was walking so I took a picture. I am sure it was a sign for why did I look down exactly at that time. I did not see any other hearts elsewhere.

My three grandchildren and I planted a tree in our garden for their Daddy. When we did it there were no flowers on the tree, just buds. The kids sent messages with helium balloons at the same time. We came inside to get a drink. About a half hour later one of the kids went out to check on the tree and a perfect flower had bloomed out! Later on I went out to look at the tree and a perfect rainbow had appeared right above me and the tree. Many of these signs were captured and shown here with my story.

To us, these signs have been an absolute blessing and have stayed strong in our minds, validating our connection with our beloved son. There is no doubt in my mind that he is keeping that connection with us as we travel life without his physical presence. I feel his presence around me a lot more when his children are here.

~ Submitted by Sue Whapshott

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