Submitted by Sheila Bowman
October 2011

Sheila was getting increasingly frustrated. She felt as if everything was falling apart. After losing her husband Nick nothing seemed to go right. The first thing to go in the house was the heat. Not long after that the air conditioner went out, not once, but twice. The patio door hinges locked up from lack of use, followed by the patio screens getting blown out from the weather. Why was all this happening now? Sheila wondered what she could have possibly done to deserve all this bad luck. Normally, Nick handled the “honey do” list with ease and things never seemed that bad.

With Nick gone now, Sheila had to face these problems alone and it was beginning to get a little overwhelming. She had never been handy with tools nor did she have any clue on how to fix anything. As daunting as these tasks were already, the list just seemed to get longer. One of the toilets in the house broke, and finally the refrigerator gasped its last breath. For three weeks it felt as if she was camping, living completely out of a cooler. She tried desperately to salvage the food that had previously occupied the now useless refrigerator. Despite her efforts, she lost almost everything that had been frozen. Thank goodness a new one was scheduled to be delivered.

The next day Sheila tried to focus on work, but the long list of things to fix still nagged away at her. Feeling somewhat helpless she headed home for the day. She pulled the car into the drive around 5:30 that evening and pushed the garage door opener. The car idled as she watched the door creeping upward. She eased up into her spot and once again punched the button. As the door lowered halfway down it jerked to a stop and then proceeded to rise back up. Sheila exclaimed, “What, now?” She longed for her husband to be there and hopelessly looked upward and said, “Honey, you know what I need.”

Almost instantly, it seemed as if Sheila was in a trance as she made her way towards Nick’s toolbox. Poking around inside it she finally pulled out a monkey wrench and walked over to the ladder. Once it was in position she climbed up. With unfamiliar confidence she began working on the garage door. As she loosened and removed a part, the cable fell down to the ground and all she could do was laugh about it. Reality suddenly hit her. What on earth did she think she was doing? About to give up Sheila heard Nick’s voice as he simply told her, “Just let it go and don’t worry.” She knew then that Nick was somehow guiding her through this. Rather than giving up, she proceeded to work on the door, truly not knowing what she was doing. Before long it was fixed!

Well aware of her own ineptitude when it came to anything mechanical, Sheila was bewildered at what she had just accomplished. Things like this just didn’t happen. She felt in some way it had to be credited to Nick. She didn’t know how, nor could she explain it, but somehow he had guided her into doing what needed to be done. Tears nearly overcame her as she thought about how he had always been there for her. She truly believed that he still had her back. In truth, Sheila felt a new invigorating faith that she could overcome anything. With relatively few complaints, Nick handled his “honey do” lists like a pro. Now it was time for Sheila to step up to the plate. He had given her the reassurance and encouragement she needed to believe in herself. In his own way, Nick had shown her that she could do anything. Knowing that her beloved husband was in her corner left her feeling blessed and loved.