Submitted by Helen Morris
October 2009

sister___brotherTypically older boys don’t want their baby sisters to hang around them. Not so in Helen’s case. She and her older brother, Jay, were extremely close. With only 3 years separating them it wasn’t unusual for them to participate in the same things socially. Jay loved having his sister around, which worked out well for Helen. She was allowed to go on dates a little earlier than most her age because she would always double date with her brother. That made it ok in her parents’ eyes. Jay and Helen spent a great deal of time together so it was rather upsetting when their parents split up. Jay went to live with their father and Helen stayed with their mother. Eventually Jay returned to live with his mother and Helen.

Time passed and Jay had become a man. It was time to venture out on his own. He decided to move to another state where he met his first wife. The interactions between Jay and his family changed after that. Helen saw her brother less and less until it came to the point that she never got to see him. Conversations were few and far between, if any at all. Of course, all of this was hard to bear for Helen since she and Jay had been so close in their childhood. She knew her brother was going through some hard times himself and it hurt deeply that she was being shut out. She wanted to be there for him but it just wasn’t meant to be.

As they were getting older the inevitable happened. Jay and Helen’s mother became ill. Because of the severity of her illness Helen tried to convince Jay to come see their mother before it was too late. Needless to say, Jay never came. Their mother passed and he didn’t show up, not even for the funeral. Helen tried not to hold any resentment towards her brother because she knew he was dealing with situations of his own and was just not capable of dealing with anything else at this point in his life. Although her loss felt doubled by the absence of her brother, Helen’s life continued on.

One day Helen was shocked to hear her brother on the other end of the phone. He had called to tell her about his wife’s death. More importantly though, Jay was reaching out to his sister that he had shut out for so many years. Helen loved her brother and was equally anxious to rediscover the bond that they had once shared.

Things were progressing quite well between them when Jay surprised her with the news that he had met a woman he was going to marry. His second wife readily accepted her new in-laws and everyone got along just fine. Helen and Jay continued to stay in contact with one another and their bond grew. It was heartbreaking indeed when Jay shared the news that he had a terminal illness. She didn’t want him taken away from her so soon after their reunion. Jay’s condition began to deteriorate. As it got closer to the end, his wife called Helen and without hesitation she immediately left town to be with her brother. She stayed and helped take care of him right up until the end. The following week after Jay passed, she returned home to her husband.

Helen hadn’t been home for long. She and her husband, Ed, were sitting in the den watching television and just relaxing. Her phone, plugged up and sitting on the kitchen counter, began to beep letting her know she had a voicemail. “That’s weird,” she told her husband. “It never even rang.” Helen went to her phone to check the message. “Hey little sister, this is your big brother. Just wanted you to know I was doing fine. Call me when you get a chance.”

Helen recognized the voice immediately. It was Jay! The only confusion she had was how strong his voice was. Her brother had been ill for quite a while and his weakness was always reflected in his voice. This sounded like the old Jay, vibrant and full of life! It was then that she realized this message was from beyond the realm that we exist in. It was his way of letting his little sister know that finally all was well with him. She smiled to herself and thanked God for this wonderful gift. Helen could say her goodbyes knowing that the bond between them would never be severed again.