My family recently had contact with my dad who passed back in June. He had a recliner in the living room and my sister Sammi came into the room to chat with my mom. She mentioned that she hadn’t sat in Dad’s chair since he passed and so she sat down and began chatting with my mom. She told mom to get her phone and take a picture of her sitting in Dad’s chair. Sammi then took a picture of mom. A few minutes later Sammi said, “I wonder if Dad’s in here with us.” They didn’t look right away and went about their day.

A few days passed and Mom was going to delete the photos from her phone because they were too dark and you really couldn’t seem them that well. There was one she didn’t delete and as she looked at it closer, low and behold, there was Dad peeking his head around Sammi when she was sitting in his chair. There was nothing behind her in the photo except a wall. Dad’s face was pretty detailed in shape and you could even see his beard at the bottom. It was one of the most amazing detailed ghost-like photos I’ve ever seen. It was very awesome to be assured that he’s looking over us.

Submitted by Rebecca Bock

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