Submitted by Becky Williams
October 2009

wedding_ringsAs Beau entered his apartment building he saw her once again headed to the laundry. He made a quick dash to his apartment and hurriedly scooped up his dirty clothes piled in the corner. Here was his chance to see her again and maybe this time he could find enough courage to strike up a conversation. But once again all he could do was admire from a distance. Oh, he had spoken once or twice and even talked to her about her poodle one day when she was out walking, but he couldn’t seem to muster up the confidence to ask her out. Her name was Becky and even though he hardly knew her he was already quite fond of her. Fortunately for Beau not only did they live in the same apartment building, they worked at the same place. Beau was an x-ray technician and Becky was a respiratory therapist.

After much prodding from a friend, Beau worked up the nerve to ask her out. It was the end of the work day and Becky was getting ready to leave when the phone at her desk rang. On the other end was the mysterious admirer that her co-worker had told her about and it turned out that it was the same guy at the apartments. She agreed, to his delight, and their destinies became intertwined.

Becky and Beau discovered that they were perfect for each other and approximately 2 years after they started dating they married. It turned out that they were unable to have children so they devoted themselves to one another. They were happy and doing well in their careers. They moved several times and were always fortunate to make new friends wherever they went. Although Beau was typically a shy person he was very likeable and adored by those who knew him.

Once they settled down they decided to have a hot tub installed in the back yard. Becky suffered from back pain and this helped to relieve it. She would come home every day and sink into its warmth and let it melt the pain away. Beau rarely joined her in the hot tub but he would come and sit with her and together they would stare up at the heavens. He was knowledgeable about constellations so he enjoyed pointing them out to her. They spent countless hours enjoying each others’ company under the canopy of stars.

Things were going along smoothly until Beau had a recurrence of his seizures. When he was in his twenties a drunk driver hit his car. His head hit the windshield with such force that according to the doctors, it caused his seizures. He had been controlling them through medication and it was working so well that the whole time he and Becky had been together it only occurred a handful of times. This time though they were stronger, and one was severe enough that he had to take off from work for several days to rest. The doctor felt that the stress of long hours at work and double shifts had aggravated it.

After a few days off he went back to work. It didn’t take long for him to realize this was not a wise decision. Beau knew he couldn’t do his job properly as shaky as he was, so he got through the day as best he could. When he returned home he got in the bathtub to unwind like he had done so many times before.

When Becky arrived home she was met with silence. She knew Beau was home so she called out to him. No answer. Assuming he was taking his usual afternoon bath, she went to the bathroom door. There was Beau, lying lifeless in the tub. He apparently had one of his seizures and drowned while he was alone. Doctor’s later confirmed it.

The days seemed unbearably long for Becky and the evenings even longer. She would talk to Beau even though she knew in her heart that he had gone on to a better place. Still, she found herself going to the gravesite every day in hope of regaining some sense of normalcy. Every evening she continued to sit in the hot tub staring up at the stars wishing Beau was there.

One evening the air seemed especially still when all of a sudden she felt a gentle breeze caress her cheek. At first Becky didn’t really think that much about it, but after several occurrences it struck her as strangely familiar.
During the time Becky and Beau dated, his mother passed away from a massive heart attack. Being an only child, Beau struggled with his loss but maintained a strong front. Becky, on the other hand, had become very close to her and was devastated. After the funeral Becky and Beau were alone at her gravesite when out of nowhere she felt a gentle breeze touch her cheek and was overcome with instant peace.

Remembering that familiar “caress,” Becky realized that Beau was also letting her know that everything was alright and she would be just fine. The familiar calmness and peace that overcame her was indeed a welcome change to the endless emotional rollercoaster she had been on. Beau loved Becky with all his heart and this was his way of saying “I love you and will always be close.”

Becky continued to occasionally feel these familiar “caresses” for a few months until she got stronger and then they stopped. She truly felt her Beau was in Heaven and watching over her. Knowing this gave her the strength she needed to continue on with her life.