“Many books have been written about after-death communications. The He Blew Her a Kiss series is among the very finest. They’ll touch your soul in a unique way that will leave you feeling peaceful and excited at the same time.”

— Judy Guggenheim and Bill Guggenheim
Authors of Hello From Heaven!

“Compelling…A source of healing comfort….A great way to strengthen your inner life. He Blew Her a Kiss, Vol. 2 is hope from start to finish. It will expand your awareness of the mystery of life.”

— Louis E. LaGrand, Ph.D., Author of Healing Grief, Finding Peace: 101 Ways to Cope with the Death of Your Loved One

“As the chapter leader of a parental bereavement support group, I find the messages of the He Blew Her a Kiss books to be a tremendous source of hope and comfort for parents searching for peace and purpose in their new lives without their beloved children.”

— Betsy Friedl, The Compassionate Friends ~ Memphis Chapter

“HEARTWARMING AND BRILLIANT. . . . .Angie and Kelley take us on a compelling journey that no other book on afterlife communication can match. This book is truly helpful to all who read it…that death is not the end!”

—Glenda Pearson, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, Author of But Should the Angels Call for Him

“This book is a treasure, one that leaves the reader filled with wonder and a warm heart.”

— Chassie West, Author of No Reasons for Goodbyes: Messages from Beyond Life

“An amazing, heartfelt collection of experiences that will provide you with a new perspective on life after death, and fill you with the peace, comfort and hope you are longing for from your loss.”

— Deborah Heneghan, Author of Closer Than You Think: The Easy Guide to Connecting with Loved Ones on the Other Side

“Very inspiring book filled with stories of the many ways our loved ones who have crossed over can and absolutely do connect with us.”

— Guy Dusseault