Submitted by Margaret Cowie
February 2012

1_Lynch_Ball_2007_001Margaret’s story could quite as easily start with “once upon a time…” Hers is a story that could rival any fairy tale romance. When she and her husband Will met, they instinctively knew their soul had met its mate. Both had experienced previous marriages but this one would prove to be a forever love.

As in any fairy tale, Margaret and Will spent every available moment together. Like two peas in a pod, they shared many common interests and loved spending time together. Their castle, a quaint home in the country, served to provide a peaceful retreat from the chaos of the outside world. For 19 years, they lived a life full of love, respect and devotion.

One morning, like any normal workday, Will kissed his wife goodbye and headed out the door. Margaret always felt a tinge of worry each time he went to work. She was fully aware of the danger dealing with high voltage transformers inherently held. For that reason, she was grateful each evening that he returned safely home.

This time Margaret’s fears were realized. While servicing a transformer at Whiteface Mountain on the Lake Placid Olympic Grounds, he had the extreme misfortune of being on the receiving end of an electrical arc. Although the occurrence of an arc is relatively infrequent, it typically proves to be fatal because the resulting fire from the current is reported to be four times hotter than the surface of the sun.

It was a dark and despondent time for Margaret. Will, her true Prince Charming, had always surrounded her with an impregnable circle of love. Together she knew they could conquer anything but now, after his death, she felt vulnerable. Each day was difficult to navigate without his presence. The tears and loneliness became her constant companion. At night she battled the overwhelming emptiness of which his side of the bed reminded her. She knew her life would continue but would the pain ever subside?

About 10 days after the tragic accident, Margaret was asleep, or so she thought. Lying on her back with her eyes closed, she felt the unmistakable touch of a man’s hand slipping underneath her neck. As her head was lifted slightly off the pillow, she felt his gentle, loving kiss on her lips. After several seconds, he carefully lowered her head back to the pillow. The surreal encounter left her feeling like Sleeping Beauty being awakened from a deep slumber after the kiss of her true love. The entire ordeal left her with an enchanted, nostalgic happiness.

Encouraged by the sign Will had given her, Margaret’s outlook improved. As she recounted the experience to her brother, she described the unique way her beloved husband had come to say his final goodbye. Her brother, however, had a different interpretation. He proposed that Will was actually saying hello rather than goodbye. Margaret was enchanted with that perspective and it fit her husband much better. How romantic a way to announce his presence to a wife he loved so very much.

That was the first of many communications Margaret and Will would share and one she would never forget. Compelled to preserve each experience she wrote a book, “No Regrets, My Love.” In this memoir, Margaret chronicles their life and journey together for the year following the loss. As it turns out, her romantic, fairytale marriage was not sacrificed by tragedy but rather grew stronger. Beyond the restrictions of earthly boundaries their love continues and like any good fairytale. they live happily ever after.