Submitted by Cyndi
November 2009

dream_imageCyndi had been aware of her brother Tim’s struggle with drug and alcohol addiction along with the challenges of depression. Watching someone she loved go through such hardships and emotional changes left her with a sense of helplessness. She knew she could not make his decisions for him. Each of us has our own path and our own choices to make.

Eventually, Tim found himself unable to emerge from his perpetual downward spiral. In 1995, he resorted to taking his own life to escape what had become unbearable for him. Although his death brought her sorrow and heartache, she had in some small way tried to prepare herself for this very event. Living the life Tim had, she was completely aware of the possible outcome. Still it was a loss and she thought about him often.

One evening after falling asleep Cyndi began dreaming. She could hear her phone ringing but for some reason decided not to answer it. As the persistent ringing continued, a thought crept into her mind. What if it was Tim? She saw herself rise up and go to the phone. Picking up the receiver she said, “Hello?” There was silence on the other end. “Hello,” she repeated, but still there was only silence. That same thought popped in her head again. Could it be Tim? This time she addressed her brother. “Tim?” She listened in total amazement as he answered her. “Hey it’s me. How are you?” Awestruck , the first thing she could say was, “Where are you?” Tim proceeded to explain, “I’m doing well. I’ve been assigned to work with an elder woman who’s helping me to get clear. I have a specific job to do. I have to go now, but I just wanted you to know that I’m OK.”

Cyndi thanked her brother for calling and then immediately woke from the dream. As she reflected on what she had just experienced, an inner enlightenment occurred. Tim had been trying to reach her while she was in a fully conscious state, but because our minds are so busy rationalizing, the signs had not been clear enough to accept. She recalled that same feeling that all of us have experienced at one time or another. The phone rings and you intuitively sense who it is before you answer. Sometimes you find yourself thinking about someone you haven’t seen in awhile and seemingly out of the blue your paths cross.

Our subconscious mind tirelessly tries to make order out of chaos. It never ceases to process everything we see, hear, feel, or touch. While we are in a dream state, that part of our mind allows a brief glimpse into the process through what you might call a window. Our conscious mind recognizes images or thoughts. Dreams are one way of communication between our subconscious and our conscious selves. It is a time when our minds are more receptive to messages or signs that we would never recognize when we are awake. But in order to receive them we must first believe that such things are possible.

When Cyndi finally believed that it could be her brother trying to communicate with her, she in essence opened the window so that his message could come through. She now receives regular signs and has no doubt that they are from her brother. It is her hope that through this story she can inspire others to open themselves to the possibility of communicating with loved ones who have crossed the threshold by asking themselves, “what if?”