Submitted by Sandra Wolff
February 2012

woman_rocking_babySandra’s knowledge of the afterlife had increased greatly over the past years. Before she lost her mother she had never really thought about death and what happens afterward. Like most people she had far too many other things occupying her thoughts. But when faced with the loss of a loved one, especially someone so close to her, she couldn’t help but face the questions.

Ideas of the afterlife vary according to one’s upbringing and religious beliefs. Therefore, many variations as to what occurs when someone dies can be found. Death is not usually a subject that people find easy to discuss but it is one all will inevitably experience. By reading first-hand accounts of after-death communications people can become more familiar with what exactly it means. No matter your religious beliefs we are all spiritual beings inhabiting physical bodies. When death occurs it is merely a transition back to our true nature which is the ultimate sweet release.

Those that have been fortunate enough to experience the presence of their loved ones spirit have a better insight into the afterlife. Through these communications they are able to obtain peace and understanding in an otherwise trying time. Realizing a loved one is always near brings great comfort. But when someone is not familiar with after-death communication, or ADC’s as they are referred to, the initial shock can be confusing and maybe even a little frightening.

Sandra was heartbroken when her mother died. Dorothy, or Dot as she was affectionately known, was only in her late 50’s and her daughter just wasn’t prepared to say goodbye. Sandra admired the fact that her mother was such a devout Catholic. She recalled many instances watching her mother going about her household chores, her lips silently moving as she offered up her prayers. Dot converted to the Catholic faith when she married Sandra’s father. As a young girl she was known to have certain psychic abilities, often reading tea leaves and foretelling the family’s future.

Sandra wasn’t even aware of her mother’s psychic abilities until after her own marriage. There was one occasion when her mother called her and asked her how she was feeling. Sandra told her she was fine and asked why? Dot then revealed a vision that had come to her where Sandra was in her front room in a chair, rocking a baby back and forth. Although her initial response was to dismiss this notion she decided to visit her doctor a few days later. To her astonishment the doctor confirmed she was already 3 months pregnant.

Needless to say, Sandra was caught a little off-guard by her mother’s accuracy regarding her pregnancy. However, it wasn’t until two weeks after Dot passed that Sandra would experience something even more incredible. Still very distraught over the loss, she awoke during the night. It was one of those moments where you seem to sense someone watching you. That’s when her heart simply froze in her chest. There at the foot of her bed was her mother just watching over her. As she lay there in the bed she was frightened by what she was witnessing. Then slowly Dot’s image began to fade until she disappeared completely.

Initially, Sandra was afraid of what had happened to her, but then she began to read as much as she could about the afterlife. With the knowledge and information she gathered she came to an understanding of what had taken place. Now she wishes desperately that she could have another experience and realizes how special it was. Since then, Dot has let her presence be known in ways other than a vision and Sandra is so thankful for those moments. Knowing her mother is near is a great comfort because now she understands that her spirit never left, only her physical body departed.