Submitted by Windy Frazier
February 2010

man_in_wheelchairWindy knew her grandfather was not an average man. His unbreakable spirit could inspire anyone. While serving in the army he suffered a terrible accident that handicapped him from the waist down. Years later it even became necessary to amputate both his legs at the knees. In spite of his obvious physical limitations, he never let that get him down.

Windy was raised the majority of her life by her grandparents so naturally their influence played a huge part in her life. She dearly loved her grandfather and deeply cherished the time they were able to spend together. When he passed away on April 3, 2004 a large void entered her life.

We’re all familiar with the saying, “Time heals all wounds.” That wasn’t the case for Windy. As each day passed she found herself longing to be able to see him and talk to him. When she was younger, he would intentionally come up behind her and grab her on the neck. He knew it aggravated her but it was always done in love. It was his way of showing her he cared. Oh how she wished she could communicate with him just one more time!

Years passed and Windy’s life was hectic. Working mothers seldom have time to themselves but even in the midst of all her organized chaos she still thought of her grandfather every day. It happened while she was at work. Filing charts had become almost second nature so she often found herself in her own little world while performing this task. Reaching down to insert a chart she felt someone grab the back of her neck. She jumped up assuming that a co-worker was playing around with her. As she turned calling out their name, she realized she was all alone.

With complete conviction she knew it was her “Papa” and he was right there with her. Windy was so thankful that her prayer had been answered. She felt her grandfather was with her all the time watching over her and he knew how much she needed him. With a simple familiar touch her grandfather was able to convey his love and approval from the other side. Windy believes that he is looking down at her with pride in his heart for his beloved granddaughter. In his honor she had chosen to name her son “Elgin” and she knows that he is so proud of her. His comfort and love came at just the right time and she is forever thankful that he is always with her. He is her “Guardian Angel.”