Paula’s grandma was truly a special spirit. Her vibrant green eyes reflected the pure joy in her heart. The type of woman that never met a stranger, she had the unique ability to lift others spirits. Grandma was quick to offer a kind word and would never allow a sad face around her. People could not help but be inspired and her joyful attitude was infectious.

Paula recognized how fortunate she was to have such a positive influence in her life. Without question, grandma was dearly loved and when she passed her loss was deeply felt by all whose life she touched. Being the playful loving spirit that she was, grandma was sure to have the last say. The day she passed a glorious rainbow appeared in the sky. Paula knew it was her grandma because as soon as she saw it she sensed her loving presence.

To this day when Paula sees a rainbow, she feels it is her grandma reminding her that she is in a beautiful place, patiently awaiting the arrival of her loved ones.

Our loved ones that have passed before us oftentimes attempt to communicate with us. It can be something very simple or sometimes quite dramatic. It is up to us to recognize their signs from within our own heart. Just because their time here on earth has passed does not mean that their life is over. Their spirit continues on in a wonderful place and they really are watching over us.


Submitted by Paula Timpson
February 2010