I keep your book on my night stand and read about “Honey” when I feel the world catching up with me. It is comfort to my soul and I thank you for recording all the wonderful stories of loved ones, come and gone. God Bless You!
Thank you so much for my copy of “He Blew Her A Kiss” Vol.2.  Words cannot express how I felt to see and read my short story in print. To me it was such a comforting experience.  I know others that have submitted their stories feel the same way.  Thank you for this opportunity to share mine.
Pam Boswell
Thanks for doing such a wonderful job and presenting my father’s unique and genius like nature in “A Father’s Love is Forever” as well as presenting him as the best father a daughter could have. If this story helps one person at minimum that is a success and who knows god works in mysterious ways, perhaps the carousel will be noticed and good things can come…… Once again, god bless the two of you and I will continue to go on the website so that I can read all the wonderful stories. You both bring comfort to so many who have suffered losses and should be so very proud of what you do….. I will always continue to share whatever I encounter with you both.
Suzanne DiBuono
I just wanted to say that it was great meeting you at the Germantown Festival! I think it is awesome what ya’ll are doing. I have read part of the book so far and I love it. I know that sometimes it feels good just to tell your loved one’s  story and to share your memories. ………….I admire what ya’ll are doing.
Lori Wallace
I just watched your interview on Live At 9 on channel 3 and was overwhelmed by your stories of your book and website. I love it. I am a pastor and have always thought of doing what you are doing right now. God is truly blessing you to encourage and inspire others with your work. Be well blessed and continue on the path of hope and inspiration for everyone.
Thank You,
Jerome Cephus
I found the stories quite inspirational. There is comfort in knowing that the stories shared with you will be able to help others deal with the death of their loved ones. Comfort and hope and faith, something the world needs more of. Great work! Good luck with your next project, I hope it is as touching as this book.
Brenda Casto
I very much enjoyed this book.  I have had an experience like this with my grandma who passed away in 1984. I can relate entirely to this sweet book.  Brought tears to my eyes. A definite worth-read!
Niki’s Book Review
Oh, you guys are good. I lived the story and I still cried at the reading…Thank you again for allowing me the privilege and platform to share my story “Remembering Ma” with others.
Chuck Provine
Thank you again for the lovely book.  It brought inspiration when I needed it.  That little push we all need from time to time.  I went through the entire book and each story was so confirming and comforting.  I am going to share it with a friend that lives very close to me who lost her son as well.  I think it will be just what she needs as too.
Thanks again!
Debra Hickman
“In The Line of Duty”
I saw the final version of “Change of Heart.”  I cried.  The caption,”Anni’s Haven” on the picture of the house was perfect.  You captured the essence of the story very nicely. Thank you.
I think the web site brings comfort to many people in the initial stages of shock at the passing of a loved one. It did to me, anyway.  Still does.
Andy Nicoll

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