Submitted by Louise “Wejay” Binkley
October 2009

mom___daughter_walking_silhouetteThe sun cast a pink glow as it slowly climbed into the aqua blue sky. There didn’t appear to be a cloud in sight as Wejay and her sister hurried out the front door. They could hardly contain the excitement that was threatening to burst inside them. At the end of the cove their mother, Helon, was waiting for them. She looked so pretty in her pink robe with beige lace trim. They climbed into the car and off they went for a fun-filled day. They spent time shopping, visiting and laughing about all sorts of things. Both girls cherished this time they shared with their mother.

The day went by all too fast as they realized it was time to head back. The sun transformed into an orange ball of fire and began to disappear from the horizon as Helon brought them home. She watched as her exhausted but happy daughters got out of the car and made their way into the house. They heard her say, “I’ll see you soon” as they turned to wave goodbye.

The alarm clock sounded and Wejay awakened to realize she had experienced the dream yet again. It was a welcome friend to her that always left her with a sense of contentment. After all, she had been having this same dream for forty years. They started after her mother passed when she was only twelve years old. As her thoughts drifted her mind began to replay all the events of her childhood.

Wejay had an older sister and a younger brother. Her given name was Louise but when her baby brother, Miles, attempted to call her, all he could say was “Wejay” and from that point on the nickname stuck. Her mother, Helon, was a happy-go-lucky woman that seemed to draw people to her. Always the life of the party she was known to do crazy things. Her fun outlook on life endeared her to so many. Wejay’s father worked as a traveling salesman for a radio station. The nature of his job required that he be away from home more than he cared to be, but it was necessary in order to provide for his family.

By the time Wejay turned twelve her mother was battling ovarian cancer. It was extremely difficult for all of them. Her sister had already gotten married and had responsibilities of her own. It wasn’t a difficult decision for her father to make when he allowed Wejay to stay at home with her mother. He thought it best for them to spend as much time as possible together so he hired a tutor to help Wejay with her schoolwork.

Helon wasn’t without visitors so her sister, Wejay’s aunt, bought her a beautiful pink robe with beige lace on it. She often remembers her mom wearing this robe. Helon’s battle with cancer ended not long after that and left everyone devastated.

Just a few months after Helon passed the dreams began. Over the years whenever Wejay needs guidance from her mother or wants to be close to her, she has the dream. It is always the same at the beginning and end, but Helon has never failed to communicate with her daughter at those times that she needed her. Their bond has transcended the boundaries of life and death through dreams, showing us that love really can find a way.