Submitted by Stephanie Boyett
August 2010

cross_at_sunsetIt had been not even been a year since Stephanie’s best friend, Stevie, had been killed in a head-on collision on his motorcycle. As a tribute, one of his good friends handcrafted a beautiful 7 foot cross made of cedar. He then burned the names of Stevie’s friends and family onto it. A deep love of hunting led to the final touch of mounting deer antlers at the top. Placed at the crash site, the cross had become a monument to Stevie’s memory and once erected people would randomly stop by to leave small tokens expressing their love for him. Stephanie found herself visiting it often just to talk to him and keep him up to date on all that was going on. Feeling closer to him when visiting the site, it had become something of a ritual for her.

Typically, Stephanie would always stop by there on her way home from work. Sometimes it was during the day but most of the time it was at night. Through all her visits, she never once felt uncomfortable or at risk. In fact, she always felt safe and secure even though it was out on a lonely stretch of road.

One evening Stephanie was over at a friend’s house just hanging out and reminiscing about their past and in particular about Stevie. They laughed and talked about all the fun things they used to do. Time got away from her all too quickly and it was time to head home. It had been such a wonderful evening and seemed only fitting that it end with a visit to Stevie.

As the car wound its way down the dark country road, Stephanie’s mind was preoccupied with all the wonderful memories that had resurfaced that evening. Catching her off guard, the large orange “road closed” signs took a second to register. She swerved to a stop wondering why the road had been closed. Realizing she was less than a mile from the site she decided to take a side road. Eventually she emerged on to a familiar road and wound her way around to approach the cross from the other side.

Finally, Stephanie arrived at her destination, anxious to share her thoughts with Stevie. Just as she was about to set foot outside the car, an intense feeling of fear surged through her body. With a sensation of being shoved back into the car, she locked the doors and cranked the car before the situation even registered in her conscious mind. She sped away from the cross. Her only thought was to get away as quickly as possible. Stephanie did not know why she felt this so strongly but followed her gut instinct anyway. Forgetting about the road closure she made it about a half mile down the road where she was once again stopped by the two large “road closed” signs. Swinging the car around she headed back in the same direction she had come. As she approached Stevie’s memorial cross her eyes scanned the roadside searching for a reason for her sudden apprehension. An image caught her attention as she glanced in the rear view mirror. Someone dressed in what appeared to be all black, was walking towards the very place she would have been.

To this day Stephanie does not know who she saw that night or if it might have been a potentially dangerous situation, but she was thankful for still being alive and well. She was quite sure however, that it was Stevie that had warned her. She appreciated his timely intervention and feels more secure knowing that he is always looking out for her.