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20090813_6High school sweethearts living in a small town in Mississippi, Tom and Judy actually met in the 7th grade. He was so smitten that he asked her to sit with him at a movie after a 4H club event. To his extreme disappointment she told him no. It was love at first sight for Tom but his shyness prevented him from pursuing the love of his life again until the 11th grade. It was then that he worked up the courage to ask Judy out again. This time she said yes and from that point on they were committed to each other for life. They graduated High School and while attending college decided they couldn’t wait any longer, so in 1967 they said their marriage vows and became husband and wife.

After completing their college education, Tom joined the Air Force during which time they moved to Alaska. In 1972 Tom fulfilled his obligations to his country and left the service. Together, Tom and Judy moved to a city not far from their hometown. Tom began his career in the banking business and Judy started teaching. Their small family grew and extended to include 2 children, a boy and a girl.

After Death Communication that Inspired the Authors of he Blew Her a KissAfter spending many years in the city, Tom had the opportunity to become the bank president back in the town they grew up in. Although they loved their city life and all the friendships they had cultivated, the kids had ventured out on their own, and they felt in their hearts this was the right move for them. So in 1999 Tom accepted the job. Judy had to stay in the city until they could sell their house. It was in this transitional period during a routine mammogram that Judy discovered a mass in her breast. It was indeed Breast Cancer and in an effort to rid it from her body she underwent mastectomy surgery in July of 1999. After chemo it was believed that she had gone into remission.

For 8 years she faithfully went in for her yearly checkup and happily she was always cancer free. However, in the ninth year after her original battle with cancer started she began experiencing problems in her leg. Sadly, the cancer was back and this time the invasive predator had moved into her bones, liver and lungs. She underwent the insufferable sessions of chemo once again but the disease had gotten too advanced for the treatments to help. On October 12, 2008, Judy’s battle with cancer ended and Tom had lost his high school sweetheart, love of his life and best friend of 41 years. Or so he thought…

Tom found himself alone in his house experiencing a loss that he could never fully convey to anyone else. How can you possibly function when you become so separated from your soul mate?

After Death Communication that Inspired the Authors of he Blew Her a KissShortly after Judy’s passing Tom received a birthday gift from two of his relatives. It was a beautiful pail of candy holding down a large “Happy Birthday” balloon with ribbons tied to it. He set the arrangement on the table with no realization that this would be the vessel for his communication with his beloved Judy.

A day or so later, Tom returned home from work. Rain had settled on their town for the entire day and it seemed like nature itself was feeling just as melancholy as he was. Thinking about Judy, his glance fell on the arrangement sitting on the table. It was as if something had compelled him to look that way. Then it hit him. He was going to send his wife a message! Tom excitedly wrote his note on the ribbons, “To Judy, I love you soooooooooooo much, Love Tom.” He then turned it over and addressed it “This is for you, Judy, in Heaven.”

Tom walked outside and looked around at the tall majestic trees in front of their house. He dropped his head, said a little prayer, then lovingly released the balloon in the air. He blew her a kiss and said, “Judy, here it comes.” Tom watched it float ever higher in the gentle wind until it danced up to the clouds and disappeared from sight. Satisfied with his gesture of love he went back in the house and settled down for the evening.

After Death Communication that Inspired the Authors of he Blew Her a Kiss

The next day, Tom went through his familiar routine upon arriving at work. As he drove into the parking lot he scanned around the building to make sure everything appeared as normal. Something caught his eye. He stopped the car and got out. Curiously, Tom approached the walkway leading to the door of the bank. His breath stopped in his chest and his heart began beating rapidly. There on the sidewalk was the balloon he had sent to Judy. Although it was deflated, it was otherwise in perfect condition. Lying next to it was the ribbon he had so lovingly written the note on. Comfort, love and assurance washed over him because he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that his prayer had been answered and Judy had received his message. It was Judy’s way of telling him that everything was alright and that he didn’t have to be sad any longer. She was still with him. He immediately told his co-workers and even called Judy’s former co-workers to relate the story to them. Everyone cried tears of joy that day to celebrate Tom and Judy’s undying love for one another.

Tom cherished his beloved balloon. He had it framed and proudly displayed in their home. It now served two purposes. First, it became a symbol to him of their love; and secondly, it afforded him the opportunity to share his story with others. Tom experienced how love transcends all when he sent his wife a love note, riding on the prayer and kiss that he blew to her.

A side note to readers:

Since the inception of this project, Tom unexpectedly passed in May of 2009. It has been a heartfelt loss to his family and friends alike. Perhaps God in his infinite mercy spared him further sorrow from a broken heart and reunited him with his beloved Judy. They would have celebrated their 42nd anniversary on June 6, 2009.

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