stairway_to_heavenIt takes a special person to work in the hospice field. They are entrusted to care for very vulnerable people and so it is vital that they are trustworthy. Elizabeth worked in hospice for awhile and she had the added benefit of being a very sympathetic and caring person. Throughout that time she saw and felt things that some people couldn’t even imagine. It was sad at times but what an honor to be trusted by so many strangers.

Elizabeth and her best friend, Lin, found themselves living in different cities but still remained close. She was aware of her friend’s illness but was not notified of her passing until the day of the funeral. The people handling the funeral arrangements were having a difficult time with the music selection. Someone remembered that Lin’s friend, Elizabeth, was a music therapist so they called her for assistance. Her advice was to check in Lin’s car and home CD players and choose songs from there. She also informed them that Lin, who loved the group “The Doors,” had insisted that when she got to Heaven she was going to be with Jim Morrison. She expressed her desire to have the “Doors” song “Break on Through to The Other Side” played at her funeral. Now, that’s not your typical funeral song, but what better way to honor a person then to play what best represents them. Elizabeth knew Lin approved of the service, even though her best friend was unable to be there.

After her phone conversation Elizabeth felt all the emotions rushing in and tears began to flow. She wasn’t angry that she didn’t get to say goodbye to Lin, but was angry that she was gone. It felt as if the pain and tears would never end.

Later, Elizabeth had to get out of the house, for her emotions were overwhelming. The day was gray and rainy and seemed to reflect her feelings of sadness. She drove around crying a little, but still talking to Lin. Returning home she felt the anger of her loss building again and she cried out to her friend, “Please prove to me you’re where you said you’d be!” The girls had talked about dying many times and Lin was not afraid at all. She had told Elizabeth she was going to Heaven. Being somewhat of a skeptic, Elizabeth needed proof that Heaven really did exist.

Immediately after her outburst, she approached home. In the middle of the rain, a rainbow broke out over the house. She caught her breath and realized right then and there that it was a sign from Lin. It was so beautiful that she ran inside, grabbed her camera and snapped the picture. The sadness began to be replaced with reassurance and she was thankful for her friend’s loving message.

That evening she sat in front of the TV watching a music channel. Lo and behold there was a special on “The Doors.” Elizabeth chuckled to herself. She accepted that this was yet another sign of reassurance from Lin that was very much needed and appreciated.

Five years later, out of habit, she still finds herself reaching for the phone to share something with Lin, only to remember that she can no longer communicate with her in that way. However, they still communicate. Anytime Elizabeth finds herself dwelling on thoughts of Lin, making decisions without really thinking things through, or acting out of anger, without fail she will hear a song by “The Doors.”

Elizabeth always responds with, “Thanks Lin. I miss you girl! And although my idea of Heaven is not sitting at the perfect bar with Jim, I hope you both meet me at the doors (no pun intended) beyond this world with a great drink. I will probably need one right about then. Thanks for watching over me and reminding me to stop and think, by using Jim’s music, when I need it most. Jim, if you have anything to do with all this, thank you, too. Oh yeah, Jim, I guess you now know the real power, mystery and miracles that come from music. Cool, right dude?…”

Submitted by Elizabeth Driver
March 2010